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Surely an Ice Cream or Cake by Dusk-Kniade Surely an Ice Cream or Cake :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 0 0 TanakE by Dusk-Kniade TanakE :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 2 0 Ki Sketchdump by Dusk-Kniade Ki Sketchdump :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 3 0 Baka by Dusk-Kniade Baka :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 2 0 Ki is Hungry by Dusk-Kniade Ki is Hungry :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 3 2
Why Is It Failing?
My legs tremble and my hands shake
Standing in this field, memories of existing become hazy
I wonder if it'd be better for me to just take it in:
The poison of this flower. Why am I here?
Bodies rushed about and sped around me,
All frenzy with a high excitment
Who was going to score? But this field had already won
Please don't look at me... Please don't look at me...
I was transparent. Want to get noticed yet not wanting to be seen
The wish had been granted, and the glass cracks
Why was I there? Why should I care? Hope never appeared
They made the mistake of trusting its abilities
It immediately fails, struck with clumsiness
And that's why no one cares, leaving it aside to rot
I know exactly why it's so, yet I don't understand
"Hi! How are you?" I look at the vibrant flowers. Disgusting
"Sorry 'bout that!" I growl and rip one out from its root
"Are you alright?" Why have pity on me?? I touch the large petals
"You did great!" Shut up! How am I supposed t
:icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 3 0
That Glint in Your Eye by Dusk-Kniade That Glint in Your Eye :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 4 8 Tamantha [Happy Belated Birthday, MakaUT!] by Dusk-Kniade Tamantha [Happy Belated Birthday, MakaUT!] :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 4 4 Thank you! by Dusk-Kniade Thank you! :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 2 0 Sidududol by Dusk-Kniade Sidududol :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 2 0
Happily Intoxicated [Jailbreak/Datsugoku]
    “Hey Kuinaaaa… I looooove youuu…” came the young man’s slurred, nasally voice. His orange hair was horribly messed under the soft light, and cyan eyes half-lidded.
    “Kawasemi... Have you been drinking?” His voice was deep and calm, dark hair neatly combed. A breeze blew on his uniform slightly.
    Laughter ran out in a sluggish tone. “Me? Drinking?? Haaaa… Nooooo way…” He hiccuped. Then, sliding on his goggles, he wobbled. Kawasemi spread out his arms and imitated a plane. “You know I’ve spent allllll my coins on that flyinggg… thing…”
    “I will not allow you to pilot a vehicle,” Kuina said sternly and placed a hand on the other’s shoulder. “You’re not mentally stable, currently.”
    “I’m perfectly fiiiiine…” Kawasemi grumbled and brushed away the
:icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 1 0
Siduuuuuudududu by Dusk-Kniade Siduuuuuudududu :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 4 2 Siiii [WIP] by Dusk-Kniade Siiii [WIP] :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 2 0 Enmei by Dusk-Kniade Enmei :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 3 0 Tami [Late Gift Art - WIP] by Dusk-Kniade Tami [Late Gift Art - WIP] :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 2 6 Happy Late New Year! by Dusk-Kniade Happy Late New Year! :icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 2 0


Dsdds by PoisonicPen Dsdds :iconpoisonicpen:PoisonicPen 20 2 The Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia by Daunt-Leer The Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia :icondaunt-leer:Daunt-Leer 14 8 Yuri Dooble by Jolibe Yuri Dooble :iconjolibe:Jolibe 79 64 No one has ever cared for me. by MakaUT No one has ever cared for me. :iconmakaut:MakaUT 93 13 HA: another attack by haniibun HA: another attack :iconhaniibun:haniibun 30 5 OC: after the rain by haniibun OC: after the rain :iconhaniibun:haniibun 45 11 Momoka by hanayanaa Momoka :iconhanayanaa:hanayanaa 3 1 Old Master by DarthTemoc Old Master :icondarthtemoc:DarthTemoc 567 56 Railo - Gost Dilemma by Winjuni Railo - Gost Dilemma :iconwinjuni:Winjuni 5 0 The Disease Called Love - Mafumafu by Winjuni The Disease Called Love - Mafumafu :iconwinjuni:Winjuni 15 3 Just Monika by MakaUT Just Monika :iconmakaut:MakaUT 34 3 I Tried (Art Style Challenge) by Jolibe I Tried (Art Style Challenge) :iconjolibe:Jolibe 53 40 Image by CNeko-chan Image :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 260 0 Cubone by beanbunn Cubone :iconbeanbunn:beanbunn 57 2 ART TRADE Daunt-Leer by SqueezeMeLittle ART TRADE Daunt-Leer :iconsqueezemelittle:SqueezeMeLittle 12 5 SPRING - mangakiss by Mangakiss SPRING - mangakiss :iconmangakiss:Mangakiss 52 139


by Jolibe

This is my first time writing a critique, sorry if this isn't exactly... professional? Anyways! The lineart is really nice and smooth, ...



Surely an Ice Cream or Cake
S-semi realism??

The pink says it all
Tsooj is now an alarmed strawberry

Tsuji (c) Neru, designed by Sidu
(It’s really just me trying to get the How-To Sekai Seifuku mood- T.T)
More squishy cheebs
E-kun is cute
I want to colour him

Tanaka and E (c) Neru, designed by Sidu
I was tagged by MakaUT 0v0

1. write the rules in your journal entry if you're tagged.
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer 13 question made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants, make sure they know they're tagged (I won't be making sure tho-)
5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" 
6. It's forbidden not to tag anyone, no tagging back.

1. I sometimes do voice impressions of my characters for fun, but I can't seem to do a very girly voice despite being one
2. I've been on DeviantArt for a few years actually, but only started my account this year ^^'
3. I would save the process video of my digital art (the programs automatically records it) despite not having a YouTube channel (that's active, that is)
4. I would bring my pencil bag with blank cue cards outside and sit under a shade and draw during recess
5. I like Pokemon and I'm currently watching the Sun and Moon anime, but I've actually never played the games (okay other than a bit of GO)
6. I like to translate Japanese lyrics into singable English ones (because I find myself not able to remember the Japanese lyrics ;w; )
7. I play guitar, both electric and acoustic, I prefer electric tho o3o
8. I don't have a consistent art style (more like shading style-) so sorry if my art don't look unified...?
9. I watch anime but I actually rarely read the manga 
10. Talking about manga, I'm pretty sure I have the Black Butler series somewhere in my basement in Chinese, not that I bother to do anything about it ^^"
11. Usually I'd get into anime by watching top ten lists but I got into Undertale because a friend of mine just kept talking about it and I got curious
12. My characters practically double as imaginary friends X'D
13. Whenever I go on vacations I would just happen to come across conventions and that's how I went to my (only) two conventions so far

MakaUT's questions:
1. What is your favourite game? If you don't play games, then fav movie? If not move then book? X'D
2. Do you dislike when someone has a different opinion..? If yes, then why?
4. Do you know or like Vocaloids? If yes, what's your fav song?
5. Do you know Heathers the Musical? :3c
6. Are you in any romantic relationship? Or do you have any crushes?! (If you don't want to, you don't need to answer this question~)
7. Have you got any hobbies? If yes, are there many of them?
8. Do you like kitties?
9. Did you ever rp with anyone? Even for fun, like- it could be very cracky?
10. Are you thinking about making or currently making any stories? (Either they're just a fanfic or original, tell meh!)
11. Do you.. like me? ;w; 
12. Can you go hug the person who's the closest to you right now? =D (Big Grin)
13. How much do you like people at school/work?

My Answers:
1. I don't exactly have a favorite, but the book The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron is pretty good in my opinion
2. No, not really. Well, if they're disrespectful then yes.
3. Yep, of course!
4. Yes, I do know and like Vocaloids! Again, I don't have a favourite, but I like Re-Education by Neru. OvO
5. Sorry, no ^^'
6. Skip~
7. I have the hobby of talking to myself, sometimes complaining about whatever mistakes I might be making if the task is complicated...?
8. Yes they're cute o3o
9. I'm not exactly sure on the definition, but I don't think so?
10. Yes, I guess? One of them is about this android going to a school for robots and meeting this other French transfer (robot) student, and this is called Uncodable. I have a folder for this with very little art and stories, but I'm working on a small story for it ^^"
11. Of course! Your art is amazing! :hug:
12. I'm not really near anyone right now, so I'll go hug a chair XD
13. In general, not a lot, I guess? Some of them are amusing to watch, though

My Questions:
1: What's your favourite anime/manga? If you don't watch them, then TV show or movie?
2: Do you like short comic strips or full on comics? Why? 
3: How did you find out about DeviantArt?
4: Do you have an artist you look up to? o3o If so, why?
5: Do you get tagged often? If so, do you like it?
6: What do you like to search just for fun?
7: Do you like to listen to videos (of people talking about stuff, like storytime or art tips) when you do things like drawing or typing stories?
8: Digital or traditional art? Why?
9: Favourite character in current fandom(s)?
10: Fan fictions or fanart?
11: Reader inserts or ship fics?
12: Do you have any OCs? If so, do you give them stories or do you just draw them?
13: Speedpaints or tutorials?

TAG: LastOneStandin, AdamMuddyfox, djredpanda1, MissingNo888, CaroFB, sirhedgenald, syke-ink, Louaseau, Fantomp0422, YumikoSaori, Ki-Akushu-Bakudan, ShimmieShams, milucream13 


Dusk-Kniade's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi you can just call me Dusk
I'm not all that active here, but I'll post a few times per one or two weeks?

Anyways, fandom-wise, currently I'm into Vocaloid (more like producer Neru lol), so you might see doodles of those. By doodles I mean traditional ones with bad-ish quality ^^"

Aside from the fandoms, there's probably going to be lots of original characters of mine. You'll see some comic strips, some stories (my OCs X reader lol) here and there, as well as some poems ('cause those are fun >v<).

To sum it up
(Fandoms + Original) X (Art + Poems + Stories) = Dusk-Kniade's content

PageDoll Char by MakaUT Random Chara pagedoll made by MakaUT lol
They just look cute


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